Dec 9 - 11 2024

Plenaries 2023

Day 1
31 Oct 2023

Plenary 1-a

In Memoriam: An Overview of the Contributions of José Bioucas-Dias to Remote Sensing and Hyperspectral Imaging
Mário A. T. Figueiredo

Plenary 1-b

NASA’s new orbital imaging spectrometers
David R Thompson
Day 2
01 Nov 2023

Plenary 2-a

AI-driven Acquisition of spaceborne hyperspectral data
Michal Shimoni

Plenary 2-b

Hyperspectral Image Intelligent Processing and Application
Sen Jia
Day 3
02 Nov 2023

Plenary 3

5 years of the spaceborne hyperspectral DESIS mission – A growing archive for monitoring the Earth
Uta Heiden