23 - 26 September 2018 / Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Workshop on Hyperspectral Image and Signal Processing : Evolution in Remote Sensing
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
23 - 26 September 2018


The aim of this workshop is to bring together all the people involved in hyperspectral data processing, generally speaking.

By "data" we mean :

– Signals, as provided by spectrometers and processed individually
– Images, from the ground using microscopes and spectrometers to airborne or satellite sensors, up to astrophysical data
– Models: models of the sensors or of the sensed scene, including physical considerations

By "processing",

we mean everything from the acquisition, the calibration to the analysis (image processing, signal processing, feature extraction, dimension reduction, unmixing and source separation, classification).

People are invited to submit new research results on the following suggested topics :

– Spectrometers and hyperspectral sensors : design and calibration
– Physical modeling, physical analysis
– Noise estimation and reduction
– Dimension reduction
– Unmixing, source separation, endmember extraction
– Segmentation, classification and detection
– High performance computing and compression

Applications oriented papers are also welcome.

As a matter of fact, spectrometry is now used in a wide range of domains, including:
– Airborne and satellite remote sensing,
– Monitoring of the environment, pollution, precision agriculture,
– Chemistry
– Biomedical imagery
– Defense application
– Industrial inspection
– Astrophysics


Damrak 243, 1012 ZJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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